Before you enter...This is the old landing page.

1. This website is intended for Adults Only. Please leave if you're under 18.

I produce, consume and discuss a lot of adult art. As a result, I'm very eager to fence off this stuff to the best of my ability. I can only do so much, but I hope to make my intentions clear.

2. This website has been coded with multiple accessibility features.

The template I'm using (Kalechip's Simple 3 Column Layout) has a good few of these. Accessibility is important and should be promoted for the wellbeing of disabled netizens everywhere.

3. This website has several Javascript features.

I mainly use Sadgrl's Tag-Sorting snippet for time being, but Javascript is present, just so you know.

With that over with...

If you're of age, and happy to do so...Come inside! I don't bite, I only nibble. Oh, and please update your links to me with the new link! Link rot sucks.

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       (:Y:) \/